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No no no. The title above is not a fragment of a song that is currently being played at this time (Akad) and this is…

I realized when I was wearing my second child’s clothes after taking a shower and at that time there was his brother on the side. About 1-2 years ago, when I did the same thing, my brother was always silent when clothes were chosen, but after getting to know clothes, sometimes he said “I don’t want to wear that clothes … I want red clothes” or he ran when he wanted to wear clothes so we chase each other. This might also happen to his younger brother when the time has come.

Yes, yes … when the time has arrived, everything will change over time. The paragraphs above are only examples, and when they have begun to understand, the following will happen:

When the time comes, they will go to school for the first time in their cute uniforms. I still remember when elementary school where bottled drinking always missed in class when I came home, it turned out that it was not just parents who were forgetful, elementary school children also experienced it, hehehe.

When the time comes, they will ask for their own privacy. This happens usually when adolescents and begin to recognize relationships. Hmmm, when adolescents, Alhamdulillah, I was a good child (if I remember correctly), yes, even though naughty is also a naughty boy who is still natural. Hope you guys are better than daddy, love you son muachh.

When the time comes, they will know about the opposite sex … hmm, no comment if this is the case. The point is that parents must educate as well as possible so that they are not wrong in their relationships and actions.

When the time comes, they will get married … I hope they will get married around the age of 25, why? because our age is far different, so there’s no harm in hoping there is still a chance to hold a cute grandson, Amin.

If the time has come … actually there are many other examples and more details but I think it’s enough and when the time comes … I will update again.

Bila nanti saatnya telah tiba..ku ingin kau menjadi…