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It turns out that it’s been more than a year since we were here. For this camper, it is also more capitalized than before, hahaha. Buy tents, flysheets, tarpaulins, mattresses etc. Originally we intended to rent as before, but the price was quite expensive, so we’d better just buy it.

Ok, this time  we camped at Kolega Prioritas Sentul (KPS). Indeed, we chose a close distance from Jakarta considering that we left very late in the afternoon, around 2 PM. The location of the KPS was also previously passed by me when I returned home from here, so in terms of travel, it was not too far.

About 200 meters after passing Tugu Pancakarsa, there was a very severe traffic jam around 5 PM which made us stop for more than 30 minutes and it was only normal after passing the corner of the Harris Hotel. I had asked the motorbike  driver next to me, who turned out to be a native of  Sentul. He said that every afternoon on Saturday and Sunday,  there is always a traffic jam like this.  Owalah, no longer in the afternoon pass from here.

Until about 6.15 PM and immediately we set up a tent after the administrative process. Quite a lot of visitors at that time and thank God the weather was very friendly until our morning. It’s a pity that my two children at that time could not swim because of the dirty column water and the other was not filled.  As usual around 11 PM. we left the site due to the scorching sun which would later make my skin even blacker, black sweet but, hahaha.

Here are my conclusions during the visit:

Advantages :

– good road access for motorbikes and cars from the highway.

– the location is only about 50 meters from the highway.

– there are stalls outside the KPS area and inside the KPS area, there are even cafes as well.

– a large camping area  and it seems to be different in price on each land.

– clean and free toilets.

– available electricity (bring your own roller cable).

–  beautiful scenery 🙂

Disadvantages :

– the number of toilets, from the  land I live in and some of the land below me, it seems that there are only  2 toilets. Near the  parking lot there are toilets as well, but the distance is a bit far. I don’t know the location of the land on my upper side, but there should be a toilet as well.

– since  there are no tall trees, the weather during  the  day is very hot, it is recommended to reach the location around the afternoon.

– the children’s pool cannot be used.