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The trip this time we went to the Puncak area, looking for lodging via online, finally we got it at Kota Bunga Cipanas. Rent a villa for Rp. 1,200,000 for 1 night, consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a terrace, a living room and a kitchen. The location and environment are quite safe and clean and certainly close to several other tourist attractions.

This trip consists of 12 human children, 11 of whom still need further guidance, wkwkwk. Yup, there are those who cannot participate in the previous trip and there are those who have just joined too. We departed Friday night from the office and went straight to Cibodas, the place to be visited first for a break until tomorrow morning.

The first time I stayed at the Cibodas entrance stall around 2002, when it was still a member of the Palasatra Nature Lovers and was last around 2009 where it was only time to spend it. Many changes have taken place, the shop has been made as an inn and is subject to fees. Previously at that time I stayed free with the condition of buying food there, but at this time it was charged Rp. 20,000 / person but can still negotiate.

In the morning only Agung and I played first to Cibodas, the intention was to go to the waterfall, but whatever the power, a great distance became an obstacle at that time. Around 10 am we headed to the City of Flowers, after passing through the gate, a pretty interesting sight was seen from the shape of the cute and unique house, like when we looked on the internet at that time.

There were not many of our activities, just eating, joking and watching because late in the evening it was raining soaked the Puncak area, even though I finally left that night to look for dinner.

Exit the inn at around 10 am to continue the tour to the Flower Garden, before we stopped at Little Venice but seemed less interested. If you go to Taman Bunga, I suggest you buy a Garden Tram ticket, because if you surround the entire area on foot, it is recommended to find a massage place after that, hahaha.

Luckily when the weather was sunny so I could walk and be even more lucky when we were finished, then the rain fell again. We were exposed to open the lane when we wanted to go home so it took longer and took dinner first around Ciawi.

Is there our third trip? Only time that can answer.