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Tadaaaa… this is my second trip in the Seribu Islands, namely Pramuka Island where I previously visited Pari Island a few centuries ago ups, last year I meant. This trip was different from before, if I was invited before, this time I invited, invited the children who were less vacation hahaha. The preparation for this trip is arguably quite difficult because our respective work schedules are different and thank God it can be done too.

Almost every one who travels to the Seribu Islands generally uses tour packages, because it’s a bit of a hassle to take care of everything such as boat transportation, lodging, food etc. Try to find here and there finally get a cheap package and thank God also the party that we rent is very responsive.

As usual, because the packages are cheap, the departure point starts from Muara Angke Port, not from Marina, which is enough to pay for this trip. It has changed a lot, since the first time I came here, it was cleaner and quite organized. Due to the large number of participants, we departed from different places and had gathered there around 07:30 WIB and began to leave at around 08:30 WIB.

Travel to a location about 3 hours, further from Pari Island. For this reason it is recommended that breakfast first and prepare nausea medication and find a comfortable seat, it is quite right to be able to rest during the trip. Arriving there we met with a guide and directed to the house where we stayed. The house we stayed in was clean and comfortable, there was air conditioning as well (sharing for 2 rooms) and the water was fresh (before I also sent pictures of the condition of the house).

After lunch, the real journey begins (what was the trip before? Earlier opening :)). The first place we visited was upset Patrick (somehow writing) was a white sand island that was not too broad and only consisted of sand without any plants and interesting spots to take pictures like we did, um, um.

Byurrrrr, this is the time awaited, playing water hahahaha, we are snorkeling in some places and the scenery is still like Pari island, the coral is pretty good or because I am not brave enough to play the water too far. After snorkeling, we go to the shark breeding at the Nusa Keramba restaurant, he says this is the restaurant where the officials eat (what is it like that, just eat it so far?)

Time to unwind after half a day of activities, the night we did not take part in a BBQ which was held on the edge of the island but still brought by fish that was immediately ready to eat, hehehe. That night seems quite crowded because in front of the Bupati’s office there is an event, maybe if it’s not a quiet event, it’s like Pari Island, which I go around at night. The price of the food offered here is the same as in my area, the night I tried to buy juice and chicken approximately 30 thousand rupiah.

Morning arrived, time to go home. Before going home, we were invited to tour the island on foot, taking approximately 1 hour, of course while taking photos too. Generally native people are Muslims, so we only see mosques, besides that there is RPTRA, library, turtle breeding (when it was under renovation) and other quite “historic” buildings on this island. At 11 o’clock we were getting ready to check-out and because we were the first to arrive at the ship, we were free to choose a comfortable place during the trip, in contrast to the departure where we got a place left because late arrived.

We arrived at Muara Angke Port after 3 hours in the open sea, because the transport cars did not arrive here, so we hired a motorbike taxi to get to the front posts of the fishermen’s village and arrived here also with a meeting with the wonderful children, wkwkwk. Unlike those who can go home, I go back to the office to work again (night shift), sneak hiks.